The Emphasys Financial Management Suite is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly couples core accounting functions including General Ledger, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable. Designed to automate and streamline the financial process, Emphasys’ Financial Management Suite creates value via timely financial monitoring and robust reporting.

Our solution encompasses major functional areas such as General Ledger, Program-Specific Accounting and Processing, Cash Processing and Reconciliation, Accounts Payable Processing and Reconciliation, Investment and Cash Transaction Processing, Financial Reporting, generation of Financial Statements and much more! All financial modules are integrated and automated, providing improved operational efficiency, increased productivity, and real-time visibility.



General Ledger

The General Ledger System was designed exclusively for the Housing Finance Market. General Ledger interfaces with all Emphasys HFA systems for complete integration. Trial balances and financial statements can be prepared by Bond Series, Indenture (Resolution), and Authority (Consolidated).

  • Interface to all Emphasys HFA software packages with drill down views
  • Create trials and financials by series and indenture or by cost center
  • Provide multilevel consolidation
  • Provide report writing capabilities
  • Export financial information

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable System was designed to control receipt and payment of invoices and perform other accounts payable functions.

Accounts Payable accommodates user-defined parameters that reflect an organization’s processing needs. Control how the system handles payable functions like tracking invoices, purchase orders and contracts, payment processing, bank reconciliation and much more.

AP will automatically handle interfund transfers between the General Fund and all other funds. AP interfaces to the General Ledger System and operates on various platforms, including Windows 95/98, NT and 2000.

  • Maintain purchase orders and contract information
  • Track vendor history
  • Process partial, manual and hold payments
  • Process check run or ACH payments
  • Generate IRS 1099 forms and IRS Electronic Files

Investment Management

The Investment Management System controls purchases, sales and transfers by series and fund, and automatically calculates interest accruals and amortization of discounts or premiums.

IV has a mark to market function with calculation of GASB 31 adjustment.  It will perform the 150% test, and keep history for arbitrage calculations.

Debt Management

Debt Management automates and simplifies core bond operations to increase reliability in financial reporting, improve workflow, and reduce manual effort and errors associated with managing fixed and variable rate bonds.

  • Track bond issuance
  • Handle multiple bond types, remarketings and variable interest rates
  • Perform bond calls, buy backs and draw downs on an actual or test basis
  • Calculate Liquidity, Bond Insurer and other bond related fees




Emphasys Arbitrage Module is an add-on feature of Emphasys Debt Service. It will help you manage your arbitrage bonds in-house and provide you with the confidence in knowing your issues comply with the latest arbitrage requirements. It has wizard-like functions and allows you to generate rebate calculations and perform a number of accounting functions without ever needing to reenter data. It integrates the latest tax laws and federal stipulations into the process and alerts you to possible rebate liability as you navigate along.

Commercial Paper

Commercial Paper is a Debt Service sub-module that allows users to keep track of commercial paper programs including new issuances, remarketing and maturities. It even generates activity reports on one or all CP programs, indenture/series, option to include issuance details, range of activity dates and transaction type such as issuance and maturities. Plus, CP provides an end of period process (calculations and general ledger entries) for amortization of all outstanding CP issues with discounts, remarketing fee due the following month, interest accrual of all outstanding CP issues and total principal and discount issued and matured.

Line of Credit

LOC is a Debt Service sub-module that allows users to keep track of lines of credits including rate changes, draws, interest/principal payments and commitment fees. It also calculates interest payments and commitment fee payments while users can initiate draws, principal payments and rate changes. It even generates reports for interest and commitment fee payments due as well as provide accounting information.


Emphasys Swap Contract Module offers users with a system that administers an accurate, error-free portfolio. It maintains provider and contract information and a notional amount schedule. It also interlinks with DS- relationship to a maturity and calculates interest payments due to/from provider, net cash flow and variances. Plus, it tracks calls and mark to market and generates accounting information.

Cash Management

Cash Management electronically receives your trustees’ data daily, weekly or monthly, and imports and reconciles your trustees’ daily transactions, rates, prices and cash balances.

With CM you can electronically receive your trustee’s data daily, weekly, or monthly. Once the data is received, it can be verified, corrected, and reconciled to Emphasys’ Investment, Debt Service, and General Ledger Systems.

  • Produce Trustee Certificates and initiate General Ledger entries
  • Analyze and correct pending transactions
  • Receive monthly trustee statements electronically


Audit Trail Visibility

Ability to provide audit trails, logs and reports for tracking user activity such as authentication, data access (including read-only) inserts, updates, and deletes.

Real-time Visibility

With increased real time visibility throughout the project life cycle, decision makers are better equipped to manage project exceptions and thus, can contain schedule and manage exceptions.

Enhanced Security

A robust security engine is at the forefront of all Emphasys products. All products are dependent on individual user accounts and must go through administrative approval.


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