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Finding ways to improve efficiency and streamline your lending efforts is crucial to staying afloat in today’s competitive auto loans market. Kwik-Loan’s auto finance software can help simplify your lending, increase the efficiency of your business and drive customer satisfaction to all-time highs. Designed for direct and indirect lending, our auto loan software has many advantages, including:


  • Online Applications

  • Automated Credit Reporting & Approval

  • Payment Calculator

  • Quick Close with E-Sign Technology


Standard Features

RTO Software Features

Kwik-Loan’s rent to own software enables businesses to manage all aspects of an RTO loan more efficiently. Our software helps businesses that offer rent to own lending complete control over the loan cycle for each transaction. Benefits of the software include:

  • Quick credit score decisions
  • Application processing and maintenance
  • Account management
  • Automatic billing
From applications and approval to servicing and payment, Kwik-Loan has a solution for your business. Whatever your needs are, our collection of online modules can help your business function with simplicity and ease. Our RTO software allows you to automate and integrate every function of the rent to own process through a conveniently centralized database and will free up time so your employees can focus on providing excellent customer service.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses and industries, and have developed custom solutions to meet their individual needs. Our software is flexible and we will work with you personally to create the software package that works best for your rent to own financing program.

To learn more about Kwik-Loan and how our software can help your business, contact us today for more information.

Automated Credit Reporting & Approval

Dealers can pull information from the credit bureau using Kwik Dealer for a quick approval or denial of auto loans.

Payment Calculator

Use our built in auto loan calculator to close a sale by providing your customers with an estimated monthly payment.

Quick Close with E-Sign Technology

Dealers can close auto loans for qualified buyers anytime, anywhere. Have customers sign electronic agreements with innovative e-signature pads and dramatically reduce your paper and printing costs.

Our auto finance software platform is reliable, easy to use and powerful. Let Kwik-Loan help take your car dealership to the next level!

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