Whether you are a furniture store that finances in-house or are a company that facilitates lending for appliance and furniture retailers, Kwik-Loan can help simplify then loan origination & management process with our easy to use online modules. Throughour Kwik-Dealer portal, you will have all the tools you need to reach out to furniture and appliance dealers who may be missing out on big sales because they can’t afford to finance them. Some of the highlights of our software includes:

  • Automated Credit Reporting
  • E-sign Functionality
  • Payment Calculator
  • Online Applications
  • Detailed & Customizable Reports

Our software modules can be tailored to perfectly match the needs of your business. You can setup an online lending application to qualify prospective buyers before they visit the showroom, forecast payments with our calculator to help close a sale and finish the deal using our electronic signature pad. Make your customer’s shopping experience enjoyable and hassle-free with Kwik-Loan. For more information about our furniture and appliance financing software, please contact us today!


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