Q: Is Kwik-Loan an online loan origination software?

A: Originating new loans is certainly part of the Kwik-Loan package. Our Kwik-Site module is allows you to more effectively market to potential lenders through the internet, while our online application module and automated credit analysis module helps lenders qualify new borrowers more efficiently.

Q: If we are looking for loan management software, what types of modules are included in the Kwik-Loan suite of tools?

A: Kwik-Loan was originally created to help lenders manage every aspect of their business. Kwik-Loan’s seven modules were designed to allow lending institutions to:

  • Quickly build and market a web-site
  • Accept online applications
  • Manage these applications
  • Make automated credit decisions
  • Allow customers, employees and dealers online access to account information

Our support is second to none, as we are committed to helping lenders run as efficiently and productively as possible.

Q: I’m looking for a suite of loan processing software. Is it unrealistic to think that one suite of software can help us manage all aspects of our business?

A: Not at all. A quality software package should help you run your entire operation more efficiently. Kwik-Loan is a series of integrated software modules designed specifically to help lenders improve every aspect of their business, including more effective marketing to new borrowers, online application processes, automated credit decisions, and more effective management of existing clients.

Q: There are many web based lending software products available. What are some of the inherent advantages Kwik-Loan has to offer?

A: The comprehensive nature of the Kwik-Loan suite of tools may be its biggest single advantage. Our tools were designed to enhance every aspect of a lending organization, from originating new loans to effective credit analysis to communicating with existing borrowers, employees and dealers. And because the tools are so flexible, they can be used to address the needs of most borrowers.

Q: While talking to another lending institution about their loan processing software, we were made aware of the Kwik-Loan suite of tools. Can you tell me what types of modules are included with the Kwik-Loan product?

A: Kwik-Loan’s modules include:

  • Kwik-Site, a ‘website in a box’ solution intended to help lenders source new borrowers
  • Kwik-App, which handles online credit applications,
  • Kwik-Decision, which provides automated credit decision making,
  • Kwik-Manage, a package allowing overall management of a lending organization.