Online Consumer Lending Software

Consumers making large purchases online may be in need of a loan to complete the transaction. Kwik-Loan’s software is designed for just for this purpose; to allow lending businesses targeting this audience to easily provide and approve loans entirely online. Our web-based lending software helps companies in the consumer loan industry use the Internet effectively to make online lending simple.

Consumer Loan Software Features

Kwik-Loan’s online consumer loan software contains a series of fully-integrated and intuitive support modules that function with precision. Some of the key features included are:

Kwik-Loanallows you to create an online application to quickly capture all the information you need from your prospect. Our software will also help you develop a customized scoring model so you can make an informed lending decision within minutes of receiving a loan application. Unsuitable loan applications are also managed by the software and further processed by an underwriter to determine if those prospects are somehow eligible to qualify for a loan. These features help online lenders improve their accuracy and efficiency while providing a great customer experience.

To find out more about how you can use Kwik-Loan’s consumer lending software to generate more qualified leads and manage large amounts of consumer data in less time, contact us today. We are ready to help you grow your lending business through our robust software solutions.

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Finding ways to improve efficiency and streamline your lending efforts is crucial to staying afloat in today’s competitive auto loans market. Kwik-Loan’s auto finance software can help simplify your lending, increase the efficiency of your business and drive customer satisfaction to all-time highs. Designed for direct and indirect lending, our auto loan software has many advantages, including:


  • Online Applications

  • Automated Credit Reporting & Approval

  • Payment Calculator

  • Quick Close with E-Sign Technology


Standard Features

Online Applications

Make the auto loan origination process simple by enabling prospects to apply online right from the dealer’s showroom. The streamlined application process allows for faster loan processing times so dealers can focus on customer service.

Automated Credit Reporting & Approval

Dealers can pull information from the credit bureau using Kwik Dealer for a quick approval or denial of auto loans.

Payment Calculator

Use our built in auto loan calculator to close a sale by providing your customers with an estimated monthly payment.

Quick Close with E-Sign Technology

Dealers can close auto loans for qualified buyers anytime, anywhere. Have customers sign electronic agreements with innovative e-signature pads and dramatically reduce your paper and printing costs.

Our auto finance software platform is reliable, easy to use and powerful. Let Kwik-Loan help take your car dealership to the next level!

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