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Our Process

Kwik Loan is a consumer lending software system that makes lending easy for small to mid-sized businesses in a range of industries. To develop lending software that is easy to use, powerful and customizable, we follow Project Blueprint™.

Project Blueprint is the planned and systematic set of activities that ensures that software processes and products conform to the necessary requirements, standards and procedures. This ensures that all Kwik Loan software has been designed, enhanced and developed to the highest standard.

In order to evaluate the products and processes involved in the software, Project Blueprint establishes standards and procedures to which must be closely followed throughout the Application Development Life Cycle. This ensures that the resulting software meets our high quality criteria.

The quality of the delivered application is the responsibility of our entire team. Our strength lies in the collaboration of competencies within our teams. All teams work together as one to dedicate themselves to building-in and assuring quality throughout the successful phases of the Application Development Life Cycle.