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Download the Servicer3D Update

Servicer3D Update 2.1SR2
Year-end 2015

Release Notes


  • Year End 2015 adjustments for IRS Reporting.
  • Paid Impounds Report – added the option to print for; All, Range or Queue of loans.
  • Credit Reporting screen – removed unnecessary text from screen.
  • Ability to Queue multiple Statement loans – added the ability to queue up a list of loan numbers to print.
  • Searching for loan address – searching for a loan address now works correctly in the Loan Editing menu.
  • Payments Due Report – added a ‘Total’ column to the Advances portion.


  • loan number search doing a Ctrl F – There is a box always checked that reads, “Exact Match” when the user wants to search Loan #, Last\Company Name, Property Address, Zip or Tax ID. The box will now be unchecked.

Year-end Instructions

For year-end instructions, please download these documents:

Year-end Manual
Year-end Close-out Instructions