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In the education financing industry, efficiency and accuracy are key components to managing the high volume of applications received for education loans. This is why a powerful and feature-rich student loan management software is necessary for these businesses to perform at their highest operating capacity. The modules offered in the Kwik-Loan software allow education lenders to do just this by providing the tools they need to conduct the student loan application process more effectively.


Standard Features

Student Loan Software Features

Make the student loan origination process simple by enabling prospects to apply online. The streamlined application process allows for faster loan processing times so lenders can focus on better serving students needs.

Our software contains a complete collection of modules for lenders to manage the loan cycle from start to finish. This robust student loan software includes tools that help simplify the loan origination, application & servicing process. Give applicants the financing are looking for while making informed lending decisions with the help of our software. Some of the highlights of our software includes the ability to:

  • Offer loan applications in-person and online
  • Make credit decisions electronically with a standard scoring module
  • Collect and organize applications once they are submitted
  • Use a signature pad to collect signatures for the necessary documents
  • Capture all data and information in an electronic file
  • Monitor account status
  • View recent transactions and invoices
  • Make online payments
  • Transfer funds electronically with the automated bill payment service
  • Manage capital more efficiently by easily viewing cash inflow and outflow

With more parents opting for private schools and college students needing supplements for tuition, our education loan software can help your company identify more qualified leads that will grow your business.

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